You’ve found the home of personalized digital media management in #YEG. Whether you need a bit of help developing a social media strategy, day-to-day social media management, branding or re-branding, basic website development or some training on how to incorporate social media and branding into your business model, GxIII is here to help.

Check out the “Packages and Pricing” page for more information. Business should be transparent- so GxIII is. The information there is generic and a starting point, but feel free to send us your information through the “Contact Us!” page to let us know the nitty gritty of your business so we can get you a personalized quote.

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We believe business should be transparent, so GxIII is. It’s hard to know if it’s time to spring for business improvements if you have no basis of understanding for how expensive or inexpensive it may be. And we’ve heard horror stories about consultancies that won’t even touch a client without a minimum payout. We refuse to work like that. We want to work with you because you’re awesome, not because you’re a minimum paycheque. For this reason, our prices are often either more inclusive or more affordable than other digital media companies. We’re cool like that.