You’ve found the home of holistic digital media management in #YEG. Whether you need a bit of help developing a social media strategy, day-to-day social media management, branding or re-branding, basic website development or some training on how to incorporate social media and branding into your business model, GxIII is here to help.

Check out the “Packages and Pricing” page for more information. Business should be transparent- so GxIII is. The information there is generic and a starting point, but feel free to send us your information through the “Contact Us!” page to let us know the nitty gritty of your business so we can get you a personalized quote.

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GxIII is a business born out of hours of advice and services rendered without fee to friends, acquaintances, and random strangers needing help with integrating their business goals with their websites and social media. Eventually I realized that there was a need beyond what I could provide in my spare time and began building GxIII. Finding the time to make sure that your business or brand (yes, they’re different!) is represented online isn’t easy. Oftentimes business owners are experts in their fields but not necessarily in all areas business- and rarely in the fields of marketing and branding.


What We Do

GxIII is built on the principle that managing three areas of your business with regards to your digital footprint cohesively will yield measurable results. They are:

Web Development

At GxIII we believe in creating scaleable business solutions for the people we work with. Most businesses we meet with do not need a fully customized solution- they just want something a little different, a little unique, and don’t want to learn how to code themselves to achieve it.

Using existing frameworks to work nimbly and affordably for our clients, GxIII can get you up and running with a custom website within a short period of time, depending on your specifications and number of requested revisions.  We can also refresh existing websites as your business grows and evolves.

Digital Branding

It’s not enough to have a brand and social media if you want to see a difference in your business. Where you’ll see results- measurable results that meet your business goals- is in the development and execution of your digital media strategy.

Our digital branding services include logo development, social platform setup, and establishment of a branding policy guide to take forward with you to guide future decisions.

Social Media

Social media is a moderately scary world. That’s probably an unpopular opinion with anyone trying to convince you to set up that long-overdue Twitter account, but it’s true. You need to balance putting out great content, interacting with other businesses and consumers in your niche and responding to feedback about your business. When you don’t need someone full-time, but you need help with the skills and processes necessary to have a successful social media strategy- contact GxIII

Contact GxIII

Send us your information and tell us about your business! You’ll get a response within 24 hours. Please specify if you prefer text, email or telephone response if you have a preference.